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An automatic garage door provides a homeowner with a number of benefits, not the least of which is the value it adds to a dwelling. In addition to adding to the curb appeal of a home, a well designed garage door can also protect your car, provide security from intruders and wildlife, and also serve to insulate the garage. At some point, it will become necessary to make repairs, and in some cases even replace your garage door. 

For this reason, it is crucial to consult with a highly-skilled technician to keep your garage door properly maintained or to replace the door entirely. Let’s take a look at some of the tell-tale signs that your garage door may need to be replaced.

One cause for concern is excessive noise. In particular, loud grinding, rattling or whirring when the garage door opens and closes is a sign of potential problems. While the noises could be a sign of parts that need to be replaced, there may also be a structural problem that needs to be addressed, which means the door would need to be replaced.

One sign that a door is not properly balanced is that it begins to rattle when it opens and closes. This may be a sign that the springs holding up the garage door are worn, which is commonly caused by temperature fluctuations which can put a strain on the metal. In most cases, one spring will wear out before the other, which could cause the door to fall. Obviously, this safety hazard needs to be addressed immediately.
Although a garage door may have simple cosmetic damage, cracks, holes and loose panels can ultimately compromise the door. Depending on the materials that were used in the door’s construction, such damage could be a sign that the door is rotting underneath, which means the door will eventually fail.
In the end, these are only some of the signs that a garage door needs to be replaced. Depending on how the garage is situated with the house, some homeowners may also see a spike in utility bills, which could be sign that the insulation in the door is wearing out. If you see any of these signs of damage, call the team at HO Garage Doors today.