We find that our customers, regardless if they live in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx or even out on Long Island, have a lot of similar issues. Therefore, we put some FAQs together for our customers for better knowledge and to help them troubleshoot the problem in the future. 

Why should I install an automatic garage door?

There are many advantages of having an automatic garage door. They provide convenience and safety to homeowners and businesses as well as protection from both inclement weather and intrusions. Automatic garage doors can also add to the curb appeal and value of your dwelling or premises.

How much does an automatic garage door cost?

There are a number of factors involved in the cost of a door, including whether it’s a residential or commercial door, the type of material used in the construction, the size and style, as well as any additional equipment and features necessary to customize your door. H&O provides a detailed cost-estimate before any garage door installation.

What type of door is best suited for my home or building?

At H&O, we offer a wide range of styles, including wood, carriage and steel doors. Other considerations are the color and finish, the size of the windows, and whether or not the door is insulated. It is important for your new garage door to blend with the architecture of your premises.

Is an automatic garage door quiet?

Garage doors that properly installed and maintained are quiet, but doors that operate on a belt-drive are generally quieter than chain-driven doors.

How much headroom is needed for an automatic garage door?

While most doors can be installed with 12 to 15 feet of headroom, plus an additional 2 feet for an electric opener, headroom also depends on the type of hardware needed. There is also special hardware available to install garage doors when there is less headroom.

Why doesn't my garage door close?

If your garage door is not closing properly, check to see if the make operator is plugged in. If so, the photo sensors might be blocked. In some cases, your remote device might need batteries. If your door is still not closing, call H&O to come check it out.

Why is my garage door making squeaking sounds?

If your door is squeaking, the rollers and bearings may need to be lubricated. At H&O we conduct inspections and tune-ups to avoid these problems.

Why is my garage door making a grinding sound and not moving smoothly?

Grinding sounds are typically caused by worn rollers or wheels that have separated from the shaft. In this case, we would recommend replacing the rollers.

What does it mean if my door doesn't close and the light blinks?

The photo sensors might be blocked or not aligned properly. Check to see that there is nothing obstructing them and make sure the sensors are pointed directly at each other.

How much do garage door repairs cost?

The cost of repairs depend on whether any parts need to be replaced and the amount of labor involved. See the H&O Garage Door price list for more details.