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Torsion or Torque springs are twisting steel that retains the force in the twist of the internal bar. If you think of the old-fashioned mouse trap you have the idea. The power is created by twisting the mouse trap under pressure. The torsion spring’s force is proportional to how the torque in the twist.   This is usually an enclosed unit and thus safer than the loose spring. Torsion springs are located at the upper section of the door and are usually mounted on the door header. This kind of spring will be the far stronger of the two and can lift a weight up to 500 lbs. It has a lifespan of approximately 20,000 lifts.

Any homeowners will at some point experience broken garage door torsion springs that must be replaced. The average torsion spring lasts for about 10,000 cycles of opening and closing the garage door. This is because of the amount of pressure that is put on these springs on a regular basis. If you are in need of a garage door torsion spring replacement please contact us to make an appointment and get professional service and affordable price.

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Also, you might notice your door opens just a couple of inches and then stop. Or, your door opens very slowly. This could be a sign of a broken or faulty torsion spring that requires repair.

A simple way to test if this is due to a faulty or broken torsion spring is to close your door normally, tugging the emergency release rope, and trying to open the door. If the door feels quite heavy, it’s possible that your torsion springs are broken or damaged. This is the time to contact H&O Garage Door Florida at (833) 464-2724 for garage door torsion spring replacement service.