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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Garage Door Repair Valley Stream 11580

When you have any problem with your garage door like your garage door isn’t opening or closing properly—or at all—a garage door repair company can be an amazing asset. At H&O Garage Door Repair Valley Stream, we can help you diagnose and quickly repair any problem.

Broken Torsion Spring

Garage door’s torsion spring is usually located just above the door and is vital for safe opening and closing. Since torsion springs are under tremendous tension, it’s safest to leave the replacement to the professionals. The experienced technicians at H&O Garage Door Repair Valley Stream can provide service on any type of spring system.

Broken Extension Spring

Extension springs last 15,000 cycles. Every time the door goes up and down is one cycle. On average extension springs will last 7 to 12 years. For most people, you know you need to replace your extension springs because it snaps. Sometimes, however, when extension springs get older, they can lose their tension and the spring becomes elongated. It is very important that the replacement springs are calibrated for the weight of your door. Using the wrong size garage door springs will caused the to not function properly and could also cause the opener to break much quicker. Replacing extension springs can be very dangerous and if done wrong can harm someone using the garage door.At H&O Garage Door Repair Valley Stream provides professional solutions with technicians that can provide the right service to your door.

Malfunctioning Electric Opener

Garage door openers should not just open and close your garage door, but should be reliable, quiet, and safe. H&O Garage Door Repair Valley Stream carries a variety of garage door openers to fit any budget and garage door size. Different models from the industry leaders (Liftmaster, Genie, Craftsman, Chamberlain) with our professional installation or repair, will provide convenience, reliability, and safety to your home. Call H&O Garage Door Repair Valley Stream today for setup an appointment right now!!!

Damaged Garage Door

Damage to your garage door isn’t just unsightly; it can also prevent your door from operating properly. Depending on the severity of the damage, this can range from simple adjustments to section replacement or a whole new door. With H&O Garage Door Repair experience there are multiples damage for garage door like:

Off Track Garage Door

This is among the most critical issues you could have with a garage door. Under No Circumstances should you attempt to repair this on your own, because the door can easily fall on your car or worse yet-on top of you. This could possibly cause serious injury. Call H&O Garage Door Repair Valley Stream today for setup an appointment right now!!

Garage Door Weather Strip

Garage door bottom weatherstrip seals provide you a barrier against water, dirt, wind and unwanted critters. Call us to replace your worn or damaged bottom weather-strip seal. H&O Garage Door Repair Valley Stream.

Garage Door Hinges Broken

Are the Qhingesthat join the garage door sections bent or even broken or cracked? If they are, they must be replaced. Don't operate the garage door or opener with a broken hinge.

Call us to replace your broken hinge. H&O Garage Door Repair Valley Stream.

Garage Door Repair Valley Stream 11580

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