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There is a comparison of aluminum and steel materials to give you a better idea when you need to choose one of them. It’s important to determine your specific requirements for your new garage door. 

Steel / Aluminum

  •  Both are popular choices for garage door installations.
  •  Both materials can be customized with various panels, finishes and designs 
  •  Use for home or business. 
durableEasy to install
More sure against weather conditionsCorrosion- resistant
Environmentally friendly materialsEnvironmentally friendly materials
LONGEVITYLow MaintenanceLow Maintenance
Require a pre-painted treatment to prevent rust & corrosionEasy to clean / No rust or rot
COSTLong-lasting investmentAffordable costLess expensive

Steel Garage Door:

Aluminum Garage Door:

The team at H&O Garage Doors can help you decide between steel and aluminum garage doors to ensure you select the option that best suits your unique requirements. Our knowledgeable, experienced technicians will be glad to discuss your performance and functionality expectations and help you determine the right product and customization options. Contact our team today to learn more about our installation and repair services or request an estimate to get started.